What is RootsCamp?

RootsCamp is the major conference where you’ll get to debrief the midterm elections – what we won and what we’ve learned. You’ll be alongside progressive leaders from all parts of the movement – organizers, campaigners, data directors, you name it – on setting the tone for 2019.

RootsCamp is an unconference, meaning YOU are in charge of the agenda – participants design the sessions at our conference. With this approach we hope participants engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, strategy, and what it means to practice an inclusive politics with leaders from across the country.

Electoral Politics. Movement Technology. Digital Strategy. Grassroots Organizing. Capacity Building.

RootsCamp is where all these facets of our movement meet.



This year, the theme of the conference is: Building Local Power with Inclusive Politics. We’re choosing to zero in on what it means to practice a more inclusive politics and think about ways that we can transform our democracy so that our people win and collectively thrive. Each plenary speaker at RootsCamp speaks to this theme with a unique approach, reflective of the many roles of our movement.

  • Movement Technology, Power, and Surveillance
  • Political Power in Baltimore Through Grassroots Organizing
  • From the Front Lines: Organizing to Keep Families Together
  • Cultural Organizing That Shifts Narratives

Because no matter what our work might look like, we see this as imperative and an undeniable call to leadership.

Who will be at RootsCamp?

RootsCamp brings together some of the most diverse minds in organizing, including campaigners, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and strategists from across the country. You’ll network with folks from various communities, ranging from climate change organizers fighting for clean oceans to immigrant rights groups working on digital security to local groups running cutting-edge campaigns to engage new voters. RootsCamp is also a rare opportunity for Beltway insiders to interact directly with those fighting on the front lines, and to have an honest discussion about what worked, what didn’t, and how we grow stronger together.

How can you be a part of the Unconference?

As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to submit or participate in a session that you believe you need to share with leaders across the country. RootsCamp is designed for participants to showcase their knowledge and skills. You won’t just be networking and attending discussions: you’ll be helping define our work over the coming years by sharing the lessons you learned this year.

Click here to learn more about how to submit a session at The Board, where the conference schedule is set.

Join us at #Roots18. Register today!