Before RootsCamp kicks off on Saturday, caucuses will meet to connect people with shared identities and/or organizing around a similar issue. Shared experience is an important building block for conversation and learning. One of the outcomes of the caucus meetings will be to develop two sessions to get us started on Saturday and Sunday morning as the remainder of the schedule is being set.

Caucuses will be held at:

William H. Thummel Business Center,
University of Baltimore
11 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

Interested in participating in caucus meetings? Sign up here!



There will also be a series of identity-based meetups happening throughout Saturday and Sunday, running concurrent with participant submitted sessions. These will be spaces specifically set aside for those who share a particular identity to connect. No RSVP is necessary for the meetups, and locations will be posted with the schedule when you arrive at RootsCamp.

Please know that we believe identities do not come in silos, and as such, we have tried to minimize overlap of meetup sessions. Even so, given the number of meetups in demand, some meetups may be held in the same schedule block. When this happens, we hope you can be flexible and move between sessions if you wish to connect with attendees in concurrent sessions.