At RootsCamp

Q: What should I bring with me?
You will need your Eventbrite ticket (either printed or mobile) in order to check in. You’ll be given a badge you must wear at all times you’re at the conference. If you’re attending the career fair, bring copies of your resume!

Q: Is there a dress code?
No, just be you! But keep in mind, it’s November in Baltimore, so layer – it could get chilly at night. And if you’re attending the career fair, we recommend a more professional look.

Q: Is food provided at the event?
Lunch is not provided at RootsCamp, instead, we have a long lunch break so everyone has time to go mingle off-site and eat (including local restaurants providing discounts for RootsCamp participants.) Complimentary coffee will be provided as well as Starbucks will be available to purchase onsite.

Q. Will childcare be provided?
Yes. A license childcare provider will be onsite. If you are interested in childcare please email

Q: Is there space away from the crowd?
This year we will have two Safer Space Rooms available to anyone needing a quiet moment or to address any and all violations and problems in a safe, closed environment. Room 331 will be reserved for queer and trans people of color and Room 332 will be open to all conference attendees.

We have a room for yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc. We are also happy to provide a room for prayer (334) and a room for parenting needs, including breast pumping and nursing (335).

Q: Do I have to sign up to attend sessions?
You do not have to sign up in advance for sessions. You’ll be able to see the schedule online during the conference, or check the physical Board for where and when sessions are taking place. You are free to move about and attend any sessions you want.

Q: I’m interested in leading a session. How do I submit my idea?
Check out our guidelines on planning a session. You can submit a session online, or go to the Board on Saturday and Sunday to submit in person.

Q: How do I report something?
It is of the utmost importance to Wellstone and RootsCamp organizers that this be a safe and welcoming space for all attendees, and we want to hear about it if someone makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome. To report incidents, please notify any conference staff member or volunteer. Please go to a Safer Space Room (331 will be reserved for queer and trans people of color and 332 will be open to all conference attendees).